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What is Zootherapy?

From the Oxford English Dictionary, 2030 edition


(ˈzəʊəʊ, zəʊˈɒ)

before a vowel properly zo-, repr. Gr. ζåo-, combining form of ζ ov animal, occurring in numerous scientific and technical terms, of which the more important will be found in their alphabetical places. (The second element is usually and properly from Greek, but in a few recent words from Latin or English.)

In biological and botanical terms the prefix sometimes denotes the power of spontaneous movement (formerly supposed to be a distinctive characteristic of animals): see zoogamete, zoogonidium, zoosperm, zoozygosphere; zoospore.

Additions 2027

Add: Zootherapy, psychological therapy encompassing the imaginative assumption of animal characteristics, especially outlook.

2001 Encyclopædia Britannica Originating in New Zealand, Zootherapy is spreading like wildfire across the Anglophone world.   2013 Economist 22 July Pastoral production has taken second place to Zootherapy as [New Zealand's] principal export earner.  2028  P. CARRUTHERS, Our Humanity 264 Largely thanks to Zootherapy, violent political conflict is a thing of the past.

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